About Landmark Contracting

Landmark Contracting, Inc was incorporated in December 1985 by Waller family.  Since that time, Landmark has developed a reputation for quality, and honesty, and is considered to be one of the premier civil concrete contractors in the State of Mississippi.

Landmark Contracting is a general contractor specializing in concrete work.  Much of their work is installing curb & gutters, concrete barrier walls, and median barriers on highways utilizing slip-form paving machines.  Because of this capability, many of their contracts have been with State Highway Departments performing work on bridges and highways.  Landmark has also constructed airfield paving, concrete streets, and concrete parking areas.

In addition Landmark performs drainage work such as box culverts, inlet boxes, edge drain, erosion control, and pipe work, as well as structural concrete like retaining walls, and sound barrier walls.  Landmark formed and placed the first soil nail wall covering in Mississippi.

Landmark Contracting is licensed in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

The Company offers many benefits to all of its employees including a very generous group health insurance program.  The company prides itself on the fact that its employees have remained very loyal and Landmark has not experienced the constant turn-over of personnel as is common in the construction industry.  We believe that this is due to the fact that all employees are treated fairly and equally and a “family” type atmosphere prevails within the company and among its personnel.

Landmark Contracting was instrumental in repairing the Mississippi Gulf Coast by slip-forming the bridge rails on both the Bay St. Louis, and Biloxi Bay Bridges as well as installing over 60 miles of new curbing during the reconstruction of US Hwy 90.

Other notable concrete projects on the Mississippi Gulf Coast such as the building foundations and cart paths for the Fallen Oak golf course, as well the Crossroads Mall, Promenade Mall, Sangani Blvd  and interchange improvements, and many others.